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The 3 Pillars Formula: Build, Protect & Manage


Allocate assets for growth, within your appropriate risk tolerance.


Maintain assets with a secondary goal for growth with the use of investment and insurance planning  


Plan for the efficient utilization of assets, or continuation of growth towards new goals. 

Welcome to Browne, Draper and Land,

We serve professional organizations, small business and select individuals who have faith in us, and value our knowledge and experience.
We believe customized asset allocation coupled with appropriate investment vehicles is the key to managing wealth. We specialize in Asset Management, 401k Plans, and Retirement Planning

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Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

Our practice is located in the North Georgia community of Dalton. We purchased and renovated an historical downtown property near the Dalton Depot. It was custom designed for functionality while maintaining its historical ancestry leaving many of the interior walls with the original brick exposed.

We love our location, enjoy our work, and we are committed to our community. Our business has been blessed for many years with great clients and business partners contributing to our success, and we thank you.

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